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Sunday School

Notes from Sunday School

Our coffee hour on 9/18/22 went very well.
The children are learning about “serving” God.
They each had a “job” to prepare the coffee hour, each doing their part cheerfully.

1) Move tables and set up chairs

2) Make table decorations

3) Make Sandwiches

1st Samuel 3:9 “Speak, Lord. Your servant is listening.”

Lessons this fall speak about Old Testament prophets, judges and kings who listened to God and served Him: Deborah, Hannah, Samuel to name a few.
Our older students will be starting a curriculum on how to study the bible.

Please be in prayer for the children and our teachers: Jodi Frenyea, Sharon Carpenter, Barb Smith and Julie Burr.
In the Love of Christ, Cindy Mitchell



If you have any questions call Cindy (518) 853-3712 or the church office (518)853-3621

Feel free to email us at

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